About Moi

J Darin Wales

I am originally from Texas.  I’m probably obnoxious about it in some folks eyes.  I fly a Texas flag at my house on occasion and I live on the East Coast.

I write screenplays and a couple of blogs, including this one.  I’ve directed episodic cable TV shows in the past, a few short films, and more industrial training videos than I care to remember.  I used to coach high school and college women’s sports, but I quit doing that since it made my hair fall out (at least that’s what I blame it on).

I have a few letters after my name, none of which include P, h, or D.  My latest degree, and the one I am attempting to employ and pay off its loans, is an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte.  I teach film production, directing, and screenwriting at a large private university.  When I’m teaching, what I really want to be doing is writing.  When I’m writing, what I really want to be doing is directing.  When I’m directing, what I really want to be doing is teaching.  It’s this vicious cycle I continuously live in.  It’s crazy but somehow I sort of function in it.

With this blog, I’m attempting in one of several ways to make myself write and get my material out there for others to read and hopefully give me some feedback.  Being a teacher, maybe a few souls can learn a little from me.  Miracles do happen now and then.

So please enjoy this blog as I post my screenwriting musings and samples from my very on pen/employer-provided computer.  If you like what I write, let me know.  If you have constructive feedback, hack away.  If you think I stink as a writer, I have thick skin, so go for it.

Any who, this is my blog.

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